05 August 2018

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We have just returned from the club's end of the 2022 season. The event took place in the small town of Osiedle Niewiadów, province. Łódź voivodeship. Many thanks to our friends Emilia and Marcin - the organizers of the entire event. We had great fun, we visited the wonderful caves, the bunker in Konewka and the Kazimierz castle in Inowłodz, and several club members also went to the Blue Springs nature reserve to admire the beauty of nature. At this meeting, we also welcomed new, full members Gosia and Radek, who officially received club patches . Congratulations! Even though the event is called the "end of the season", not all motorcycles will be stored in the stables for winter storage. We still have Kashubian maneuvers ahead of us and, of course, private trips as long as the weather is good..




12 - 14/08/2022
The 2022 season is still uderway and we visited our friends from Vulcan Riders and Owners Club Slovak Republic. The 9th Anniversary Rally Vroc SK took place in Dolny Kubin, with clubs from Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland taking party. Thank you for your hospitality and delicious fun. See you next year!
02 - 05/08/2018
In addition to all the events so far, another very important one took place in history of VROC POLAND.
In August, the First International Vulcan Riders Rally took place in Poland under the wings of the Vulcan Riders Association. In addition to Vulcan Riders from Poland, we were joined by friends from European VRA cluba, whom we had previously met in other countries. It was great to host them in Poland. The atmosphere was amazing.
Thank you to everyone who had fun with us. We invite you next year!!!!!

21 - 24/06/2018


This year, as a full-fladged VRA Chapter, we took part in the 14th International Vulcan Rally. This time we were able to visit the extraordinary natural surroundings of French Normandy.





After two years of existence and the efforts undertaken, on July 20, 2017. We became the official Chapter of the Vulcan Riders Association. At the same time, in accordance with the rules of the VRA, we complete our patches while maintaining their national character.



17 - 20/08/2017


Once again, VROC Polska took part in the International Vulcan Rally. This time in Denmark. It was a special rally, as the Vulcan Riders Association board officially announced that we were Chapter No. 48.

Despite the changeable weather, time passed too quickly in the international company and we still had hope that we would meet in France next year.





The next event we took part in was the 7th National Rally 2016 in Slovenia.

Great people and a great, family atmosphere. This is the shortest way to describe this rally. Four-day integrationwith the VN brothers was something amazing, and the sight of our colors surrounded by the colors of other European clubs pleased the eye and filled us with pride.





VROC POLAND was present at the 12th VULCAN RIDERS INETNATIONAL RALLY in Argentario, Tuscany, Italy. It was a large and wonderful event with amost 900 Vulcan Riders taking part. For the first time in the history of the Vulcan Riders International Rally, the Polish flag was hung between the flags of clubs from all over Europe. It was beautiful sight that we will remember forever.



June 4, 2015 is a happy and special day for us.

Chapter VROC POLAND has been recognized as the official VROC Chapter in our country, and thus included in the list of VROC Chapters in the world.


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