23 September 2023

One of the biggest VROC Polska events has end. The club's last meeting of the season, called I Motosudety VROC Polska 2023, took place in the mountain town of Bolesławów. The event took place on September 8-10, 2023. We hosted sisters, brothers and friends from 5 foreign clubs. Representatives of Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary had fun with us throughout the weekend.

On Friday, there was a dance and a welcome dinner, which included traditional delicacies such as black pudding, lard, and something stronger. Hot Saturday was the day of the trip. Almost 30 motorcycles set out to conquer the Kłodzko fortress. There we had the opportunity to take part in an 18th century Prussian drill, visit defensive tunnels and create our own charges, which we then fired from a cannon. We also received a delicious barbecue treat. Traditionally, on Sunday there were thanksgiving and great integration. We would like to thank the organizers Radek and Mariola from Jedlina. A wonderful initiative, a great place and, most importantly, great people.

With this event, we officially ended this year's season, which, however, does not mean putting all the motorcycles in the garages yet. What is certain, however, is that we are all rubbing our hands at the start of the next season, this time in... LODZ!!

We are coming to the center of Poland!🤘🤘🤘

I Motosudety VROC Poland, Bolesławów 8-10.09.2023

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